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A letter was sent by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to Mr. Shloshe on the issue of the immigration of Marco Jews to Israel. 

Signed in his handwriting.

Prime MinisterJerusalem, 7 Cheshvan 5762 November 4, 1962Moshe Shalom Yakiri -I received with great joy and deep gratitude the material you sent me about Noyal, and my joy grew doubly when I learned that it was yours. I know that the first Jew to come to Jaffa and settle there (if I am not mistaken it was in 1838) was a Moroccan Jew, and if I may refer - in what I doubt - I intend to write a special list of what Moroccan Jews did from the foundation of the Jewish settlement in Jaffa to the Dimona building. And again I shake your hand with gratitude and appreciation, D. Ben Gurion

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