Getting Started In Interactive Bidding


Enrolling in our Interactive bidding allows you to:
Watch the current status of bids, create your own tracking list of your desired lots and check them on your profile menu. Once bids are submitted online you can see if you are the current higher bidder and on what amount, if not it tells you the next step of this lot price. After the auction closes you can view your invoice on your profile menu after advising us of your payment and delivery choices the costs of both will be added to your invoice. A receipt will be posted with the lots.


Steps In Interactive Bidding :

Step I - Registration
Step II - Receiving your password from us by return email
Step III - Submit auction bids


Step I: Registration

In order to take part in our interactive bidding you need to fill out your full name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. Fields marked in red are mandatory fields. This includes the references box there you should provide names of philatelic or numismatic firms with whom you have transacted business in the past.
If you have changed your e-mail and already have notified us of the change, the system still uses your original e-mail address as your user name but will post your bids to the new e-mail address. You can retrieve both - the user name and the password by clicking the link 'forgot my password'
If you have enrolled in the past and changed your original e-mail address since - please press the 'Contact Us' form at the main menu, fill out your full name and country with the new e-mail address you are using and press the submit link below.
After filling out all fields in red and submitting your registration, your password will be e-mailed to you within a day along with your user name (original your e-mail address)

Step II

After receiving your user name and password via e-mail you may log in as a member.
You can either use the link to the auction in the e-mail or copy and paste it to the log in link

Step III - Submit Auction Bids

In Submitting your bids you have one of the two options, which can be combined at ease:
After login the 'View Auction Lots' pages changes and the right column revels a new option 'enter your bid' all bids submitted by this page will add up into your 'bid basket'.
You can also go directly to 'Submit your Bids'. Enter your desired lot numbers on the left column and your bid at the right.
Immediately after putting your offer, the columns to the right will indicate the current status of your bid. Please note that the current price is not necessarily the higher offer (check Buying in our Auctions for more information).
By using the 'Increase by' option You have the option for hidden bids, once your bid will be over bid by another customer the system will automatically add your chosen increases to your original offer.
Moving your mouse and pressing the lot number will take you to a pop-up page with the lot description

Advice For Bidders


Bidders Who Are New To Our Auctions Should Familiarize The Following To Increase Their Chances Of Success At Auction.

Return bids as soon as possible as preference is given to earlier bids. Where two bids are received for the same amount, the bidder whose form arrived first will have preference.
All bid forms are handled in the strictest confidence.
We ask postal bidders to keep their bids to the nearest multiple of $10. Bids of $101 will be treated as $100, and similar "odd" amounts will be rounded at the auctioneer's discretion to the nearest actual bid.
We fully appreciate that the bids given are the maximum figure that the bidder is prepared to pay for any lot (unless otherwise indicated).
We will manage the bids for customers who are interested in a number of lots but only wish to spend a limited amount of money. Mark your bids in the usual way and then clearly state the maximum amount you wish to spend.
In a similar way if you wish to bid on a choice of two items, clearly mark the bid form "either/or".
Successful bidders will be sent an invoice immediately following the auction and settlement must be made within fourteen days of receipt of this invoice. Invoices must be settled in full before any item is dispatched.
Lots won and paid for will be forwarded by post or courier and all costs incurred will be added to the original invoice.

Lodging Bids

To accept bids we simply require a customer's name and address with contact number. Bids may be forwarded by mail/fax to our offices or can be completed online Here



Further enquiries can be made by phoning our office +972 (3) 5282790 or +972 (3) 5250119