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JUDAEA,Trajan. 98-117 CE. Æ

Opening $120
Estimate $150 - $300
Sold for $120

Judea Capta issues, mint of Caesarea Sepphoris (Diocaesarea) Trajan. AD 98-117. Æ (24mm, 7.44 g).  laureate head right / Rev. ΣEΠ-ΦΩ ΡH-NΩN  seven-branched palm tree with two bunches of dates. Dotted border. SNG ANS 6, 1088. Hendin Fourth edition 907. Rosenberger 4; RPC III 3937; Sofaer 2. Black surfaces under layer of applied deposits. F.The obverse legend translates as "Trajan the emperor gave." Trajan's issues from Sepphoris all feature this remarkable legend, which indicates that the emperor granted Sepphoris the right to strike coinage.

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