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 Trajan 98-117 AD, Deultum, Thrace, 100 AD, AE 19, 2.94g. Jurukova Deultum-1 (5 spec.), RPC-743 (20 spec.). Obv: IMP CAE NER TRA A[VG GERM P] M TR P COS III P P Head laureate r. Rx: C F P D (Colonia Flavia Pacis Deultensium) Ox head r. Deultum\'s rare and unusual first issue of coins, apparently of a commemorative or celebratory character, struck from only four obverse dies according to RPC. After this small initial issue, the mint did not resume striking coins until the sole reign of Caracalla, over 100 years later. The style of the portrait and lettering is very fine, suggesting that the dies were cut by engravers of the mint of Rome.. EFEstimate: 400 USD

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