Auction No. 47

20 June 2024 Tel aviv
Opening $8,000
Estimate $10,000 - $20,000
Sold for $16,500

Israel 1948, Emergency Fractional Issue 1948 "Carpets " Pick #6 and Pick #7: 50 & 100 pr, lot of 4 UNC notes.  Each note showcases a serial number format comprising Hebrew digits along with the numerical digits '000000', and is imprinted on both sides with the handstamp "DUGMA" (Hebrew for "example" or "specimen"). Notably, one of the 50 pr notes bears a hand stamp on only one side.All notes are marked with two canceling holes.The notes are affixed at the top to a black card measuring 18x24 cm, with two notes of each denomination. They are arranged to display one showing the front and the other the reverse of the notes. Notably, the 50 pr notes have א' / א' (Alef / Alef) serial numbers, while the 100 pr notes have א' / ג' (Alef / Gimel) serial numbers.   The nickname "carpet" derives from the design on the obverse, featuring a mosaic floor from the ancient synagogue in Beit Alfa.Condition: UNC (x4). Rare.Estimate: $10,000 - $20,000. from the collection of D. Remez 

Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M. 1948 - 1952