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Lodz (renamed Litzmannstadt), 1940 Lot of 1 notes, 20 Marks,  Scarce and historic Judaica notes. Lodz was the key industrial city that contained, after Warsaw, the second largest Jewish community in pre-war Poland. Lodz was occupied by the German Army in 1939 1 week after the German's invaded Poland and renamed Litzmannstadt. In February 1940 the Germans ordered the establishment of a ghetto in the northeastern section of Lodz. Over 150,000 Jews, more than a third of the total population of Lodz, were forced into a small area of the city. In January 1942 through 1944 deportations continued from the Lodz Ghetto to the Chelmno extermination complex. By August 1944 few Jews were left in LodzEstimate:

150-200 USD.

Concentration Camp Money - WW2