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Opening $700

1900-1904, German Offices in the Turkish Empire lot of 4 diff stamps. Mi. 21I, 10pi on 2m blue used on piece. Mi. 22I, 15pi on 3m black violet used on piece. Mi. 20II, 1902-4 5pi on 1m, Type II surcharge, Jerusalem cancel used on piece. 1904 Mi. 23II, 25pi on 5m. slate and carmine Jerusalem cancel . Cat. Val. €1025.

1900-1905. A group of 4 stamps different from the German occupation of Turkey Mi 32A (x2) 5PI on 1M used Stpl. Jaffa & Jerusalem. 32B Stpl. Jerusalem, and Mi 20 Ia. Stpl. Jerusalem. Cat. EU200 .

1902-1904, 5 piastre on 1 Mark with overprint type II on c/u, very neat cancel, extremely fine copy, signed 120.- (20II) stamp is signed by Expert. 

2 Mk. Reddish carmine, 1 piece (middle almost separate) with from Jaffa pmk, superb, checked Berger IV. Michel 600.

German Offices in the Turkish Empire, 1900, "Reichspost"15pi onb 3m type II, surcharge type II (Michel 23 II), cancelled Jerusalem, signed Bartel.
Michel €700.

German Offices in the Turkish Empire, 1904, "Reichspost"5pi onb 1m type II, 10pi on 2m type II & 25pi on 5m type II, surcharge type II (Michel 20 II/21 II/23 II), cancelled Jaffa & Jerusalem, respectively, 25pi signed Bothe & Jäschke-L BPP, 10pi with 2008 Jäschke-Lantelme certificate.
Michel €1,170.

German Offices in the Turkish Empire, 1912, "Deutsches Reich" 15pi on 3m type, surcharge (Michel 46), canceled Jerusalem, signed.
Michel €600.

German Offices in Turkey, 1900, Forerunners, Germany 2 1/2PIA ON 50 Pf (strip of 2 and 1+1)2 1/2PIA ON 50 Pf (Michel 10c), tied by Jaffa c.d.s.'s on part of a paper tag, Fine to Very Fine, signed Bothe BPP.       Total €4535

German Post Offices