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Postal History

1949 International mail - Heavily franked  Doar Ivri official Reg. cover .  Originally a Palestine Mandate envelope that was reused by the State of Israel's Department of Telegraph & Telephones, the envelope displays crossed-out print with new information above.   This exemplifies a practical approach to recycling stationery in official postal communication.  The item speedily traveled via registered airmail to the Manager of the Israeli Supply Mission at 250 West 57th Street, New York 19, NY, USA. Remarkably, it reached its destination in just a week, arriving in New York on June 8, 1949 (demonstrating a level of efficiency that might cause a slight eyebrow raise among today's postal services).  The envelope features a mixed franking, comprising a variety of stamps: one 10 mil Doar Ivri (Sc. 3), thirty-one 15 mil Doar Ivri (arranged in four vertical strips), one 50 mil Doar Ivri (Sc. 6), and ten 20 mil Israel flag stamps (Sc. 15). The cover, destined for the USA, bears a total of 725 prutot worth of postage stamps. It weighs approximately 250 grams and includes stamps covering both the base rate for weight (700 prutot) and the registration fee (25 prutot). These stamps, displayed in multiples and arranged around the right and bottom edges, are canceled by the 'Hakirya' departure postmark dated June 1st, 1949. On the reverse side, the envelope bears marks of censorship and two distinct arrival postmarks from New York: a violet circular 'New York NY / Radio City Str.' and an oval black 'NY', both dated June 8, 1949.

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