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The Second Zionist Congress - Official Postcard2nd Zionist Congress in Basel, Official Postcard, [1898]. It features an illustration of a Star of David adorned with the seven stars of Herzl, women and men praying at the Western Wall, and on the other side, peasants working the land. Similar to the First Zionist Congress, the second was also held in the Casino Hall in Basel, where the organizational structure of the movement was established. The illustration on this postcard also appeared on the official axis cards of this Congress, cataloged as Rimmer Catalog, No. 3, measuring 9x14 cm. The postcard bears the Congress stamp dated 26/8/1898 and was sent by mail, exhibiting wrinkles and stains but remaining in moderate to good condition. It was sent with two stamps; one was torn off, and there's an arrival stamp from the German Klan dated 27.8.98, making it a rare item.

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