Auction No. 47

20 June 2024 Tel aviv

Lot 29

Otzar Ha'am Revenue - The map of Israel.

Opening $500

1948 Israel - Jerusalem 1948 Siege Revenue (Otzar Ha'am - Ba 3#, #5). This lot comprises 2 Imperforate Plate Proof sheets, each containing 15 stamps:

  • A double print sheet featuring 20mil orange on 100mil violet with 5mil brown on reverse.
  • A sheet of 100mil violet.

Both sheets are ungummed, as originally used newspaper paper, measuring 24x10.5cm. Catalog value $850++.
These sheets offer a unique glimpse into the printing process, showcasing the intricate details of the stamps. Despite being ungummed, they present Fine to Very Fine condition, adding to their collectible appeal.   

Jeruslem Siege