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Closing Time: 2019-11-21 At 23:59:59
Israel Local Time

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Lot No. Symbol Description Bidding
Holyland Forerunners Austrian Post Offices

1890. LETTER in Arabic writing, sent to Germany, Austr. Post 3 Kreuzer stamp w/10 Para ovpt, Jerusalem Gerusalemme cancel, Arrival Pmrk, Adressee Label attached to folded glued LETTER, the arabic writing is visible, a very special piece, BA 24, MI-15.

1899,1901 4 POSTCARDS, w/Austr. Heller Postage w/PARA ovpt., Jerusalem & Jaffa Austr. Post cancel, Arrival pmrks, Cachet, BA-114,117,170. Total 5 p/c. 

Start Price $130 View More Details

1914 PARCEL CARD, w/Austrian "1 PIASTER" Postage Stamp, w/cancel on stamp and separate on card "JAFFA Oesterr.Post", B-1.

Start Price $60 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners German Post Offices

1898-1906,  lot of 8 diff postcards ans  cover  send from German ans Austria post offis.

Start Price $100 View More Details

1898-1914, collection of 60 different landscape postcards and postal stationery All from German post offices in Palestine, Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem, some of the postcards were sent from Germany to Palestine

Start Price $600 View More Details

1900-1904, German Offices in the Turkish Empire lot of 4 diff stamps. Mi. 21I, 10pi on 2m blue used on piece. Mi. 22I, 15pi on 3m black violet used on piece. Mi. 20II, 1902-4 5pi on 1m, Type II surcharge, Jerusalem cancel used on piece. 1904 Mi. 23II, 25pi on 5m. slate and carmine Jerusalem cancel . Cat. Val. €1025.

1900-1905. A group of 4 stamps different from the German occupation of Turkey Mi 32A (x2) 5PI on 1M used Stpl. Jaffa & Jerusalem. 32B Stpl. Jerusalem, and Mi 20 Ia. Stpl. Jerusalem. Cat. EU200 .

1902-1904, 5 piastre on 1 Mark with overprint type II on c/u, very neat cancel, extremely fine copy, signed 120.- (20II) stamp is signed by Expert. 

2 Mk. Reddish carmine, 1 piece (middle almost separate) with from Jaffa pmk, superb, checked Berger IV. Michel 600.

German Offices in the Turkish Empire, 1900, "Reichspost"15pi onb 3m type II, surcharge type II (Michel 23 II), cancelled Jerusalem, signed Bartel.
Michel €700.

German Offices in the Turkish Empire, 1904, "Reichspost"5pi onb 1m type II, 10pi on 2m type II & 25pi on 5m type II, surcharge type II (Michel 20 II/21 II/23 II), cancelled Jaffa & Jerusalem, respectively, 25pi signed Bothe & Jäschke-L BPP, 10pi with 2008 Jäschke-Lantelme certificate.
Michel €1,170.

German Offices in the Turkish Empire, 1912, "Deutsches Reich" 15pi on 3m type, surcharge (Michel 46), canceled Jerusalem, signed.
Michel €600.

German Offices in Turkey, 1900, Forerunners, Germany 2 1/2PIA ON 50 Pf (strip of 2 and 1+1)2 1/2PIA ON 50 Pf (Michel 10c), tied by Jaffa c.d.s.'s on part of a paper tag, Fine to Very Fine, signed Bothe BPP.       Total €4535

Start Price $700 View More Details

Turkey-Ottoman-Palestine-29-7-1917 World War 1 censored German Military Mission Bir-Es-Seba Feld Post cover to Germany. This Field Post Office opened in Bir-Es-Seba on 6th October 1916 and closed on November 1st 1917 on being occupied by the Allied Forces. It was used as a staging field post office for the German troops fighting in southern Palestine and the Sinai Peninsula (Bale: M9). 

Start Price $80 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners Italian Post Offices

1867, Palestine forerunners messanger letter, sent by C. Averino, on his letterhead, in his hand writing bearing his signature. Front shows his cancel, the top being light and the bottom very clear. very rare, see Bale hplyland p.210, rated very high.

Start Price $200 View More Details

1914, The Italian Levante No. 26 II is genuine and impeccable, the stamp is provided with Proof sign. of W.DRAHN. Mi: 17II. Used on piece. Catalogue Euro 2000. Very rare 

Start Price $250 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners Russian Post Offices

Russia back of the book offices in the Turkish Empire
1913 50pi on 5r dark brown (Tsar Nicholas II), Bale: 65 used on piece. Cat. Euro 1000. very rare.  Estimate price: $300-500 

Start Price $100 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners Ottoman Post Offices

1868, Ottoman stamp green Bale: 701 with double box/all Arabic/ towm name only.

Start Price $40 View More Details

1871 (ca) excellent strike of "GAZA" on piece, tying Ottoman pair of 1Pi green on black tied on piece, green PMK, fine and very rare .

1876 two Ottoman adhesives, strikes of HAIFA in black and violet Steichele PM2. and strikes of YAFA in black and green. Cat PM2. very Rare, signed .

1892 Turkish Post - Palestine. Piece of a telegramme, with 1 Pia and magnificent Negativ stamp: JAFFA / PORT (Pollak Type 2a) Very rare. This item is to be regarded as unique, also include a pair of stamps PMK JAFFA Cat PM9 & SKELESI PMK. 

1916. TURKISH OFFICES: "ACRE-AKKIA" on 20 pa. (1916) block of 4 (creased), very rare and fine (Coles No. 44 = 20 points). 

TURKISH FORERUNNER 1869 20 para postage due used on piece with black Acre box cancellation, Pollack Type A. Stamp is Scott J16.., Collins #PM1, Ba: 57. With certificate.

Start Price $300 View More Details

1888 2 PICTURE POSTCARDS, 1 COVER, "EMP. OTTOMAN 10 Paras" Postage stamp on cover, 10,20 Paras Postage St. on PC, "Ottoman Cancels "Jerusalem, Arrival Pmrks & Cachet on front & back, BA-774,761b.

1895 Turkish POSTCARD Prepaid, sent to Germany, 2 Postmarks "CAIFA, ALEXANDRIE". Arrival Pmrk Stuttgartt, BA-764.

1896 POSTCARD prepaid, 2 Postmarks "SAFED" w/clear date, BA-768, total 5 p/c. 


Start Price $150 View More Details

1898, This postcard was sent from the camp set up for the German Kaiser Outside JERUSALEM when he visited in n1898.

Start Price $80 View More Details

1899 - Turkish P.O. in Palewstine - "HABAZELETH No-23 w. Jurnal Typo of 2 para bleu canc. Typo & frankede 5 para   Bisected stp w. clean Jerusalem Osman pmk. vf

Start Price $80 View More Details

1905 2 PICTURE POSTCARDS "Bethlehem","Solomon's Pools". 10 Para,20 Para Postes Ottoman Postage stamps, "JERUSALEM" "BEIT-UL-LAHM Postmarks, Cachet in Arabic blk, Cachet in red "Censored", BA-803,851.

1917 Set of 3 OTTOMAN POSTES "1Piastre" Postage stamps on cutout, w/2 cancel Pmks, also 1 PICTURE POSTCARD "Dead Sea", w/20 Paras Ottoman Postage stamp, PM 2,4 

COVER sent to Austria, Pair of 20 Paras Postage Stamps, Postmark "Nazareth", on reverse Arrival Pmrk "Lemberg Lwow" 26.12.11, BA-779, PM-4.  lot of 5 diff p/c.

Start Price $140 View More Details

1908. 12.11. Greeting card to England with 10 Para-Franking (printed matter) postal stamp issue 1908 Tughra Abdul-Hamid II. With postmark 17/04 in violet. includ 8 c/u From different dates 1891-1917. VF. Cat $400++, BA-795v

TURKEY (Palestine) 1913, 20 para, rose, used on postcard and cancelled by bi-lingual double circle "Naplous" on 22nd Sept. 1913 (Yv. N. 163). Ba: 807. Cat $200. Certificate by Sorani.

TURKISH OFFICES: 1888, " SAFED" on postcard 20 pa, red to USA showing various transit marks (via Beyrouth) and New York arrival mark (Coles No. 85) Ba: 768. Cat $300 

total $900

Start Price $200 View More Details

1910, Registered envelope No-R 8586 send from SUHAG to Jerusalem on 30.11.10 pmk. Arrival stamp JERUSALEM 1,  3.12.1910 (Write in Hebrew) This type very rare on cover.

Start Price $30 View More Details

1912, Turkish post offoce card from "JERICHO" with violet cds. Very clear cancellation anusual destination scarce to  find pair on card V.F.

Start Price $100 View More Details

1914 (22 Feb.) Registered Ottoman stationery to Hanau Germany. 20 pa envelope with additional #281-3 nicely affixed and cancelled with crisp octagonal Jerusalem 6 DS. Framed Turkish/R Handstamp for registration, Hanau receivers on reverse. Has some minor damage from opening, mainly on back. Still a truly beautiful, rare piece of Holyland philately. Bale: RC-29-Type 13. $2000.

Start Price $800 View More Details

1914-1918, acoll, of  Ottoman post Offices stamps, Collection is organized on 5 pages all stamps are signed.

Start Price $60 View More Details
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